Monday, May 9, 2016

Love Myself...Featuring Designer Circle with Pelle, Ashmoot, Awear, Icons for Style

I am proud to be able to blog about this rare skin condition.
It is called Vitiligo. May are aware of the condition from
America's top model when Chantelle Brown-Young
competed. She helped bring the condition to light
and showed the world how it can be beautiful to
be different. I myself have a lot of scars from an accident
and I have chosen to celebrate them.
If anyone wants to ask me what they are from,
 I have an amazing story to tell.
Chantelle also has that same privilege.
And yes I believe it to be a privilege. 
These things that make us different do not define us,
but rather they enhance our uniqueness.

So let your quirks shin. Be proud to stand out in a crowd.
You are beautiful and anyone who loves you
will find all your imperfections to be perfect!

Britney hair by enVOGUE

Milena skin by Pelle at Designer Circle

Necklaces and ring by Ashmoot at Designer Circle

Zip mini shorts outfit and black heels by Awear at Designer Circle

Clutch Poses and clutch by Icons of Style at Designer Circle

Love Myself

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