Sunday, June 26, 2016

Spotlight...Featuring Jumo at The Instruments

Midnight Gown , Purse and Sandals were created inspired 
by the midnight lights of summer.

Have you ever wanted to be in the spot light?
Be a part of something bigger than just you?
If given the opportunity, would you stand on the red carpet
if only to pretend that you were being photographed by
the paparazzi? 

I think we all like being in the limelight.
Even if its not being a movie star
but that we want the people we care about
to look at us with importance.

Nobody should live under someone else's spotlight, 
you deserve your own.

Elle hair in black by Diva Couture

Cameo eyeliner in sky by Jumo

Passion lips in bayberry  by Jumo

Midnight gown in Denim by Jumo at The Instruments

Midnight purse by Jumo at The Instruments


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