Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Road Less Traveled...Featuring Jumo with Electra skin and Fiorella dress and boots

Sometimes the most amazing things happen when
you take the road less traveled.

I took my kids to California for our family vacation this year.
We took a road that lead us through the heart of the Mohave desert.
It was terrifying and amazing all rolled into one.
But what I can tell you is that it will be an experience that
non of us will ever forget,
one that was full of adventure and new findings...
and a lifetime of memories.

Had we not taken that new road,
we would have never learned some harsh life lessons...
or found the beauty that can be found in a seemingless lifeless

There is beauty in everything, can you see it?
If not, you are not looking at the right thing.
Open up your heart...look at things in a way
you never looked at them before.

Electra skin in cream by Jumo

Magnolia II single in white headpiece by LODE 

Sophia scarf in pearl by Purple Moon
past group gift

Winter solstice full face makeup by Hekate

Fiorella dress in denim by Jumo

Fiorella Ankle boots by Jumo

Road Less Traveled

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