Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When We Were Young...Featuring We Love To Blog with TASHI, Ecko, Cara Creations and Posh Pixels at Marvelous Monthly Event

I ran across an old friend this past week.
Things were not left on a good note,
not my doing...but the awkward silence
speaks volumes of how things were left.
We had an amazing time when we were younger...
I had great memories.
Through talking to her...
I realized why things were left the way they were.
She was part of a great betrayal that I only now
It reminds me that even though we may be sad that
people leave our lives, sometimes it is for the best.
And sometimes the things we don't know about...
are the things we should be grateful to be oblivious about.
My heart is saddened to realize that my best friend
betrayed me far worse than I had imagined.
Grateful for the years of between that I did not
have to feel it...and grateful for time that heals.
If I had known back then it would have hurt far worse.
Things happen for a reason and it is
true that sometimes people are meant to leave our lives.

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When We Were Young

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