Monday, October 3, 2016

Gorgeous...Featuring Jumo with Viola Skin, Devon eyeliner and lips, and Doutzen Gown at One Little Light Event.

As always, Jumo never disappoints.
Come join her over at the One Little Light Event.
She has two exclusive gowns there that you do not
want to miss out on.

Gorgeous as always June!!

Queen hair by DUE

Viola Skin in cream by Jumo

Devon Eyeliners by Jumo

Devon Lips by Jumo

Doutzen gown by Jumo at One Little Light event
Two wonderful gowns to help Children <3
- Viva La Vida Gown and Doutzen Gown will be Limited Editions (Only for sale in this event) 

Promenade poses by Nantra

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