Monday, October 17, 2016

They Are Coming To Take Me Away Haha...Featuring Swank with .:Tm:. Creations Store, Balderdash, Kaya's Ray of Sunshine

Sometimes I wish someone would come and take me away...
shoot me up with drugs and let me veg all day in my room...
oh wait....I have done that already, 
just not at the funny farm. 

Just so ya know, 
It probably should have been the funny farm...

haha, hoho, heehee

Garden Autumn Pumpkins by .:Tm:. Creations Store at Swank

Garden Gothic Pants Rock by .:Tm:. Creations Store at Swank

Spring Flowers Mix by .:Tm:. Creations Store at Swank

Gravestones starter kit by Balderdash at Swank

K*Mausoleum w/candelabra by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine at Swank

They Are Coming To Take Me Away Haha

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