Saturday, October 8, 2016

What's My Name...Featuring Designer Circle with Indulge Temptation, MESANGE, Pinup, *LX*, Awear, Sinful Curves Skins, Icons of Style

So, I have this friend who puts everyone she knows under
hilarious names in her phone.
One guy she dated was whinny Ass, and she named her mom
Well she set up her voice mail to say that she was not available...
only thing was, she didn't realize that the phone
would answer with...
Hello Whinny Ass, so and so can't come to the phone
right now....

OMG...would you imagine...
it was her mom that called first!!! Hahahaha

Oooops!!! So...what's my name?

Izanami hair by Runaway

Seduction eyeshadow by Indulge Temptation at Designer Circle

Melusine eyes by MESANGE at Designer Circle

Celtic Souls tats (top) by Pinup at Designer Circle

Shiva Tatoo (Legs) by PinUp at Designer Circle

Rhythm to top by *LX* at Designer Circle

Awear Micro Shorts by Awear at Designer Circle

Ashley Boots by Sinful Curves Skins at Designer Circle

Smartphone poses by Icons of Style at Designer Circle

What's My Name

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