Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Beautiful People...Featuring Chop Zuey with Moksha Pearl Jewelry

The best thing about age is becoming happy with
who you are.
Realizing we are all beautiful people and
feeling comfortable in your own skin.
I so wish that was a lesson I had learned early on,
I would have married differently,
made more mistakes and lived a
differnt life.
If you are young, know that you are beautiful,
capable and loveable.
Go rock the world,
be part of the beautiful people.

Helga hair by TUKINOWAGUMA

Mermaid Princess Eyeshadow in Anthias by !Musa!

Tickle lips in strawberry by Glamorize

Moksha Pearl jewelry by Chop Zuey

Amara dress in black by Elegance Boutique

Beautiful People

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