Monday, November 14, 2016

Hallelujah...Featuring Preptopia with the Cocktail Hour Dress

The author of the one of my favorite songs has passed
onto greener pastures.
Leonard Cohen wrote Hallelujah
among other amazing songs. 
I have posted below a rendition that is absolutely 
I once sang this song in a concert when 
I was in choir back in high school. 
It still effects me as strong today as it did back then.
Absolutely beautiful.

London Hair by Phoenix

Black Widow eyeshadow by Nar Mattaru

Alexa Lips Coffee by Jumo

Snake necklace by Avaway

Cocktail Hour dress by Preptopia

Holiday Spirit Lantern in wrought by Remarkable Oblivion

Thunder wings by miki morigi

Lantern Kanzashi headpiece by Evermore


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