Monday, January 9, 2017

Better Days...Featuring Braham Designs with the Rozlia Pink Lace Dress

A lot of my friends have had a really hard year.
I wish I could change that for them,
as I have had my fair share of hard years.
But this last year was a year of change for me...
a year of new beginnings and feeling like myself again.
Here is to the new year, new beginnings and better days!!

May this year bring everyone I touch
happiness and good memories!

Blossom Accessory in mix pink by Astralia

Ginger hair by Truth

Lash out eyeshadow by Madrid Solo

Fairytale lips by Oceane

Lesley Jewelry Collection by J&W Jewlery Gift

Rozlia Pink lace dress by Braham Design

Pamy Clair Cipria pouchette by WTB

Better Days

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