Friday, January 13, 2017

Home...Featuring Swank with 3rd eye, Kaerri, HJM Designs

We all need a place to call our own,
in RL and SL.
Somewhere where you feel comfortable,
can relax and feel safe.

Build your dreams...make them real!
(Both in rl and sl!)

Eldritch Run Rug by 3rd eye at Swank

Mason Jar Poppies in Carrier by Kaerri at Swank

Melilla Chandelier by Kaerri at Swank

Orange chrysanthenum bucket by Kaerri at Swank

New York Loft Corner Shelf in black and white wood by HJM Designs at Swank for 100L

New York Loft Fireplace by HJM Designs at Swank 145l

Green apple basket by Kaerri at Swank

New York Loft set by HJM Designs at Swank For 375L


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