Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hate That I Love You...Featuring Swank with Xen Hats & Apparel, Moondance Boutique, You Got The Look, Keresma, TM Creations

There are lots of different kinds of love in this world. 
There is romantic love...where you will be intimate with 
There is family kinda love, where you want what's best
for them always. 
There is frienship love, where they can feel like family. 
Then there are 50 shades of grey inbetween. 
Most kinds of love are non sexual..
where you care about someone but could never be with them.
Lots of people misconstrue the two
and think they wanna be with someone
or feel sexual tention for someone that it is not reciprocated.
Whatever kind of love you find yourself in..
love with all your heart!
No regrets!

Charlie Bowler hat in Sangria by Xen Hats & Apparel at Swank

Wind hair by Truth 

Black Widow eyeshadow by Nar Mattaru

Kiss mark by no.7 
(store is temporarily closed)

Lips in red by Death Row (lucky chairs)

Pastel Passion Jewelry by Moondance Boutique at Swank

Valentine red hearts nails for slink by You Got The Look by Darla at Swank
Also includes Belleza and Maitreya

Hearts Lace Valentine Dress in Red by Keresma at Swank

I love you words with rose petals (Gift) by TM Creations at Swank

Cher high heels for slink by R.icielli

Vip October group gift pose with heart by andika poses

Hate That I Love You

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