Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hats Off...Featuring Xen's Hats and Apparel at The February Darkness Event

A note from Xenobia Foxclaw:

Besides the Truth hair there are 4 hairs that work well with this hat. 
They are .: fiore :. SIMONA Hair - (L),  NO.MATCH_NO.PROMISE., 
[kik]hair-Ella2(Black pack)-FITTED and .: fiore :. NIA Hair (L) are worn.
 Some of them may need a bit of adjustment of the hat.

When styling a hat, it's a good idea to wear the hat with no hair or just a hair base on. 
Fit the hat to your head so that it looks natural, then add hair. 
You may have to try several hairs on before you find one that looks good with the hat. 
While you can enlarge a hat or move it up a bit, 
you don't want the hat to look much too large or to have the hat floating on your hair. 
Try to achieve a natural look.

Whichever hair you choose to use, 
you will enjoy this amazing bowler hat. 
Grab one before the event is over. 

Charlie Bowler Diamonds hat in black by Xen's Hats & Apparel at The February Darkness Event

Foxy hair by Truth hair

Rosemary necklace by EMO-tions

Becky lingerie in white by Glitzz

Hats off

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