Friday, February 17, 2017

She's Like the Wind...Featuring Jumo and Braham Design

Some things are impossible to obtain.
Sometimes it is someone who we cannot obtain.
They are so unreachable that there is no
possible way to hold onto them.

You must first realize that you are worthy of
anyone or anything.
Second you have to realize that obtaining
someone who seems unreachable may
be a blessing and not a curse.
Being with someone is a two way street
and if you try to achieve something
that is out of reach,
you may be setting yourself up
for a living hell.

So find someone...that is your everything.
But do not reach for that which will make
you unhappy.

Sugar hair by Due

Chocolat eyeshadow in 6 by !Musa!

Silken lips in mauve by Jumo

Cardigan, skirt, and socks by Braham Design

Dandelion hair piece by no.match

Dandelion in the hand by no.match

She's Like the Wind

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