Friday, February 10, 2017

Why...Featuring Jumo and Swank with Heartsdale Jewelry, Luxe Paris

You gotta wonder why there are so many of us
who can't seem to find a fullfilling relationship.
Why so many of us are alone and looking for
I think the world is so disconnected that it is hard
to find something real.
And even if you make a connection,
there are so many things to draw your attention
away from working towards something rewarding.
So I wonder why...
is it so hard to connect? 

Jolie Hair by Jumo

Power Eyeshadow by Jumo

Pretty in Pink lipstick by L'Anguisette

Diva Darling Opera earrings by  Heartsdale Jewellery at Swank

Diva Darling Opera Collar by Heartsdale Jewellery at Swank

LB Dress by Luxe Paris at Swank

Papillion butterflies and balloon by Moon Amore


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