Sunday, March 19, 2017

Metaverse Graduation featuring Heth Haute Couture and Chop Zuey

You are cordially invited to 
Metaverse Modeling Academy Graduation Show.
Let yourself become immersed in the past as we show
 you the fashions of the Victorian Era.
Graduating models are 
Anastasia and Suzie! 
When: March 19th 2017 at 3 PM SLT

Alumni also walking in the graduation show: 

Merida Sweetness
Tiaz Esquire
Makena Kolosi
Xiomara Lavendel

Sponsored by Heth Haute Couture

Light line lips by Death Row

Curiata Mask by Illusions

Imperial Hair, fan and dress by Heth Haute Couture

San Guerlian jewelry by Chop Zuey

Angel's Grace Floral Crown in pink and white by NSP Floral

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