Friday, March 10, 2017

Scars to Your Beautiful...Featuring Jumo with Doutzen skin and Styleque eyeliner, Swank with Chop Zuey and ZEX

I keep being asked how it is that I  make my photos. 

Here is a tip for photography!

First of all you will want to make sure you are taking pictures in zoom in mode
and not wide angle. That is the biggest mistake that novice photographer
in SL makes. 

So let me teach you the correct way to zoom in and get an optimal photo. 

I will describe a face shot and how to get an optimal viewpoint. 
You will want to hit the alt button on your keyboard and click on your avatar. 
This will make your avatar the center focal point. 
This is also really great for prim placement, as you can now cam 
around your avitar with ease. 
Now that your avi is the focal point you will want to use control + 0 to 
 zoom in on your avatar and get the best view for a close up. 
Keep pressing those 0 key while holding the alt control key
 until you are as close to your avatar as you want
your photo to be. 

To get out of this view you will hold the control + 9 to put your camera back to normal. 
If you want to zoom out farther and get a wide angle, use control + 8 to zoom out farther. 
Again, the control + 9 will bring the camera back to normal view. 

If you have a hard time getting your avi centered where you want it, 
as we all know that if you hit your up and down controls or side to side
it does not always get the camera where you want it. 
So hold the alt key, and click on your avi in different places to refocus where you 
what your camera. 

Have fun with it and show me what you have learned. 
Would love to see your new improved photos!! 

Now a tip on fashion: 

For some skins I have noticed that there are skins 
that have no eyebrows. 
What the heck, right? 
No worries, 
you can purchase appliers/tats for that. 
Jumo has some great ones  as well as Just Magnetized. 
Those are the two I use most. 
I like Just Magnetized because you can colorize your own. 
But then sometimes its sooo freakin hard to still get it right. 
That's when Jumo is a rockstar.

Bowie hair by Analog Dog

Doutzen Skin by Jumo

Stylesque eyeliner for Catwa head by Jumo

Perfect Eyebrows by Just Magnetized

Paparazzi Jewelry by Chop Zuey at Swank

Emma long dress by [ZEX] at Swank

Close Up!!! pose by BodyLanguage

Scars to Your Beautiful

Credits for the brushes I used in gimp for my photo. 

To get the fog overlays, you can find them free at 

Hit me up if you need help or assistance. 
JewelOfDeNiel inworld.

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