Saturday, April 29, 2017

Something Just Like This...Featuring Braham with the Latex Suit

This new outfit from Braham reminded me of super heros
from the 60's and 70's. 
I couldn't help jumping on the band wagon to create a 
super hero photo. 

Super heros are cool and all, 
but sometimes you just want someone real. 
Not some super hero, 
unreal relationship. 
Here's to finding something real!

iphito hair in cappuccino by adoness

Pink Visor Tentacio (Gacha)

Midnight eyeshadow by L'Anguisette

Entrancing lipstick by Sinful Curves

Gisele Rainbow Moonstone jewelry by Jumo

Latex Suit by Braham Design

Senshi of the End cape by Cureless&Disorderly (Gacha)

Gun by Tentacio (Gacha)

Something Just Like This

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