Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wonder Woman featuring JewelOfDeNiel

Another photo just because this month.
I love fantasy, my inventory is full of fantasy wear
and I never get a chance to use them.
In my RL I am having some challenges and needed to remind myself
of the warrior woman inside of me.
For all the woman friends that I have that are also struggling...
remember you are beautiful,
you are worthy,
you are amazing,
and you too are a warrior!


Siberian headdress by Lybra

Theatre Des Vampire headress by Bauhaus Movement

Editorial hair in Western Wind by Tableau Vivant

Fallen wings shoulder piece in white gold by Foxes

Dangara skirt and panties in snow by aisling

Charm banshee breastplate and legarmor in milk by Zenith

Your Inner Goddess white hand ornament by Belle Epoque

*Yandere* Twisted Love poses by Le Poppycock

Wonder Woman

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