Friday, July 21, 2017

Heartbreaker...Featuring Chop Zuey at eBENTO Event and Swank with TM creations

May my eyes be blind to the negativity of this world,
may I continue to be true to my inate nature
and not only see the good but to bring it out in others.
May I always find the good in all things
and remember that I am worth it!!

Piirto hair by Tukinowaguma at Cosmopolitan

Fairy Wings Vine by ?
This was a gacha item, but I have no idea who the designer is.
They neither marked the box/folder nor put in who the owner was on the object.
So sorry.

Staff, headpiece, blindfold and rose petals by May's Soul (gacha)

Papillon Palm Rings by Chop Zuey at eBENTO Event

Celestial Queen outfit by Moon Elixir at Crystal Heart Event (gacha)

Maya boots by Blanco Original at Cosmopolitan

Asian garden plants and rocks arrangement by TM creations at Swank


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