Wednesday, January 15, 2014

::Bohemian Gypsy:: . Souls Collection- Dance of Soul

::Bohemian Gypsy:: . Souls Collection-  Dance of Soul

One of my favorite things on earth is to dance. 
When you dance, so does your soul.
One of my favorite memories was dancing 
with one of the artists of Spiral (Yes that fun video game)
on the balcony of a cruise ship by the light of the moon.

The most beautiful sight is a woman dancing gracefully. 
Be enchanting, mysterious and dance.
They say to dance like nobody is watching...
let them watch!

Styled by:

.::Bohemian Gypsy::. Dance of Soul
Bohemian Gypsy 

.:EMO-tions:. * CHEVIA*/black

((Crystal Line))Glamourous
((Crystal Line))

There is a fire starting deep within my heart!

Adele Rolling in the Deep

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