Sunday, January 19, 2014

::Bohemian Gypsy:: . Souls Collection- Music of Soul

Music...anyone who loves music can attest to the tremendous power 
that a song can provoke. The power of music can sparks 
strong feelings,
 release and
 even chills. 
Music is born in our soul and can transform 
any occasion into something magical.

::Bohemian Gypsy:: . Souls Collection-  Music of Soul

 All souls hold their own music. It begins deep within us from birth. 
Unleash your inspiration and let the music flow. 
This deep blue, stylish dress will enable you to capture the music in your soul. 

Styled by:

::Bohemian Gypsy:: . Souls Collection-  Music of Soul
shoes included

""D!va"" Hair "Chika4"

 Lazuri Shaina Tahitian 

Let the music touch your soul!

Adele  Make You Feel My Love

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