Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bridal lace....Where is she?

Bridal Lace

 So, I remember watching this show, I can't remember what it was, 
but there was a girl who set a date for her wedding, 
got the dress, made plans, even booked the venue. 
Her whole plan was that is she made the plans, and worked the plan...
the man would come. 
So, in following along in tradition of working the plan...
I have the dress.

Now where is my man? Giggles 

Sitting in the widow, the drapes are mostly pulled closed, I stare out the window at the full moon. Somewhere out there, looking at the same night sky he is there. 
And he says...where is she?

Outfit: Grace Collection-Bridal Lace by .::GYPSY COUTURE::.   
Gypsy Couture
Lips: Petal Lips - Creamy Pink by .:Glamorize:.
Eyeshadow: Ebony Lust Eye Makeup 1 by .:Glamorize:.
Jewelry: December collection by FS* 
Hair: Felicity by Truth

Where is she? 

I am only a dream away.

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