Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Flamanco...I hope you dance!


The term flamenco is associated with singing, dancing, guitar playing and hand clapping.
This dance is originated out of a Spanish decent.
In my real life I have almost died 9 times.
When things are at the darkest and you cannot see the light, it seems hard to sing, dance or even fight. 
But when the music plays, and you feel it in your soul, don't deny it.
There will be dark days, there will heartache, but when the music plays...
So, with toe tapping, hands clapping and a song in the soul..
get out of your chair and dance.

Outfit: Boho Flamenco .::Jewel Collection::. by Gypsy Couture
Gypsy Couture
Shoes: Mata Hari Jeweled Stiletto  by ! !SSD
Jewelry: Nur by FINESMITH
Hat/Hair: Gatsby Onyx silk hat by Miamai
Lipstick: Petal Lips - Lush Pink by .:Glamorize:.
Eyeshadow: Vices Eye Makeup - Berries by .:Glamorize:.

I hope you, tomorrow, and forever!

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