Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Miss Fashion last round with Chalres Frederick Worth

Charles Frederick Worth will is featured
in the last round.

Charles Frederick Worth
Charles Frederick Worth has been credited for being the father of Haute Couture. He was the first to become a professional clothing designer, to be well known internationally, and revolutionize the business of dressmaking. He was the first dress maker to be considered an artist and not merely an artisan.

Charles was known for the lavish fabrics and trims which made up his beautiful garments and often took historic influences.
So in tradition with Charles love for lavish fabrics and trim along with his invention of the hoop skirt, Jewels has chosen the Terry dress by GIULIADESIGN. To compliment the skirt she chose the Venus corset designed by Champagne.

Lovely jewels from the Rissa collection designed by Finesmith along with Melita hair by Truth complete the fairytale look. A pearl bracelet from IVA compliment the pearls in the jewelry. Other complimentary accessories are eyeshadow by Nar Mattaru, gloss by Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry and Gloves by Adam and Eve.

Jewel has indeed transformed into a true work of art.

You can tell she's a Princess

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