Monday, May 19, 2014

Miss Fashion 2014 in celebration of Roberto Cappucci

Celebrating Roberto Cappucci
and his contribution to the fashion industry. 
Miss Fashion Pageant 2014

Capucci's goal was to create a sensory complete experience. He described it as an as an assault—of art, beauty, color, emotion, music, nature, poetry. For the audience it is magical and unforgettable.
A whimsical headpiece with a soft touch of a rose was selected by Jewel to accent the brilliant play of the black, white and red colors of the dress. Black gloves, diamond black earrings and a rose on the chest brought the final touches to this elegant work of art.

Jewel has helped captivate the spirit of Roberto Cappucci's inspiration by Aliza karu, which transcends the conventional line between fashion and art. 

Tribute to Capucci by [AD]  Marketplace
Gloves by Gatherings  Marketplace
Glitter Makeup by *VoguE* Vogue
Monica Hair by !*Bliss Hair*! Marketplace
Black Storm Earrings by Chop Zuey Marketplace
Headpiece: Miss Coquette by ***** BaObA *****
Chest rose from Tyty's Red Rose Bikini  Marketplace

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She's another work of art....

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