Saturday, May 17, 2014

Miss Fashion inspired by Hussein Chalayan

This round was dedicated to Hussein Chalayan. 
I think the one of the funnest parts of the 
pageant was learning so much about how our fashions now came to be. 
Hussein Chalayan's designs left me spell bound. 

Chalayan crosses several mediums to portray his visions such as innovations in science, design, music, and multimedia arts. With his work carrying a philosophical or social commentary. Due to his experiences in his younger years, themes of isolation, migration, travel, history, politics and culture are integrated into his work.
The inspiration for this dress by Hussein Chalayan's was his 2007 spring/summer clothing line. His fashion show
was a wondrous piece of fashion theater where clothing unfold, peal away and drop from the body. This line was full of clothes that are now, young, delicate, ingeniously pieced, and finely layered. It featured clothing pieces throughout history that were influenced by the surrounding events such as wars, revolutions etc.

In true Chalayan style, Jewel is fashioned in a black, delicate, finely layered dress that converts from a cocktail dress to a formal dress without the model having lift a finger. Adorned with Finesmith jewelry that match the pearls on the dress and simply sleek heels. Topping off the outfit is a Pi hat, chosen for two different reasons. First it is a tribute to the engineering that goes into his styling. Secondarily, Pi is an irrational number otherwise known as an infinite decimal. Jewel would like to link this back to the infinite possibilities that Hussein opened up when he incorporated technology with fashion.

Jewel brings innovation, style, and sex appeal into her portrayal of this great artist.

Hat: Pi hat by *LODE* Marketplace
Dress: Main body of the dress is By Your Side by Liv Glam Marketplace
Organza Dress: Top layering of the dress is Cherie by Gabrielle
Eyeshadow: Black Widow by ::Nar Mattaru:: Marketplace
Gloss: BEAUTIFUL DELUXE III by Beautiful Delux Body Artistry Marketplace
Hair: Rina in black by Amacci  Marketplace
Jewelry: Saturday in silver by FINESMITH  FINESMITH
Shoes: Mata Hari Jeweled Stilettos by Sax Shepherd Designs  Marketplace
Slink hands and feet

Hot and Sexy

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