Monday, April 28, 2014

Ode to Paul Poiret...Miss Fashion Pageant 2014

This round is dedicated to Paul Poiret.
There is nothing like going back in time and
visiting the Roaring 20's. 

Photo by Madrid Solo

Gloves by Danielle part of Lorena Dress Marketplace
Dress by Volstead Society Dress  Marketplace
Gloss BEAUTIFUL DELUXE I by Beautiful Delux Body Artistry Marketplace 
Lace Makeup by *Mon Cheri* Group Gift Mon Cheri
Boa by Badoura Design  Marketplace

Hat by ****! Terra d'ombrA* Marketplace
Jewelry by Vintage Jewels Alma Marketplace
Broach on arms and chest by Vintage Jewels Love Brooch Vintage Jewels
Hair by TuTy's Adorable Marketplace

Poiret was the first couturier to embrace draping over the more traditional techniques of tailoring and corsetry; in doing so he played a pivotal role in liberating women from constrictive clothing. He favored clothing cut along straight lines and constructed of rectangles.
Paul Poiret was often inspired by exotic cultures, such as the Orient, which appealed to his sense of color and style. He incorporated the Japanese kimono in his designs and stimulated the use of a turban as fashionable head wear.
This oriental dress clearly represented Paul Poiret's distinctive style, it is loose-fitted and richly colored. Lightly glossed lips and lace makeup show the flamboyant side of Paul Poriet. An oriental styling of hair brings the look all together. A flappers hat was chosen to compliment his styling. Vintage jewelry finish off the look.

Jewel brings the ground breaking designs to life with must haves from the roaring 20's and provides elegance in a couture styling.

Roaring 20's and
The Washingtonians

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