Monday, April 28, 2014

Miss Fashion inspired by “Elsa Schiaparelli"

Although the Miss Fashion Pageant is over, 
I wanted to share the dresses I was about to 
show on the stage. This round was dedicated to Elsa Schiapearelli 
and I was fortunate enough to model the dress by the designer Banba 
from Bohemian Gypsy. 

Janet Flanner of The New Yorker wrote: "A frock from Schiaparelli ranks like a modern canvas." Shiaparelli could take the ordinary and turn it into art.

Her work appeared in more than 30 movies over the course of her career, most notably in Every Day's a Holiday, starring Mae West, Moulin Rouge and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

In the decades since her death, Schiaparelli has continued to be regarded as a giant in the fashion world. She wasn't afraid to step out of the box. Through her career she was referred to as mad, wild, whimsical, even ridiculous. Her granddaughter referred to her as larger than life.
An unusual feather headpiece with matching earrings and feather necklace reflect Jewel's interpretation of Schiaparelli's style. Schiaparelli's choices were known for being shocking and bold. A trendy Bright red lips and blue eyeshadow highlight Schiaparelli's use of color, such as hues like stratosphere-purple and danger-red. She is credited with bringing color to the couture, jazzing up the subdued browns, blacks, navys, and grays of the Depression years.

Dress and gloves: ::Bohemian Gypsy::. Elsa Schiaparelli  Gypsy Couture
Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai - Shanghai Lily - Night  Marketplace
Necklace: :: PM :: Selva Necklace in the Dark  Marketplace
Bracelets: -RYCA- BRACELET LAS [F] PLATINUM  Marketplace
Makeup: *VoguE* Glitter Makeup Vogue

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