Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Take me away....Designer Circle featuring 1 Hundred, E -Clipse and Sky

The best thing about second life is you can go anywhere 
you want. 
Tp to any sim, enjoy any lifestyle. 

What my soul needs is a great escape, 
an adventure. So...take me away.

A sexy bodysuit/swimsuit, a sunset,
a bottle of wine...

And just escape. 

Break Down: 

Jane Mini in white by 1 Hundred for 95L
Also available in Blue, Mocha, Jungle and Pink

 E -Clipse Mondina Summer Hat for 75L

  Lulu Heels in Tan/Tomato by Sky for Slink High 100L

Candy Apple Lipcolor by [Hush]

Lip and Liner gift by Avoki

Necklace by Patula House

I need an escape...take me away!

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