Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Walk like an Egyptian...Featuring Wow Skins and [ICEWERK MESH]

Speaking of walking like an Egyptian, 

You never know what it is like to walk in the shoes of another

unless you walk in their shoes. 

In my own life, I have lost many things. I got divorced and to 
celebrate I went skydiving. Getting out of the marriage was the 
best thing I had ever done, and it was time to celebrate. 
So, with two other friends, we went on an adventure. 
Mine did not end so well. But I survived. 
Following the accident, I lost my house, vehicle, job, long term disability...
It was hard to imagine losing anything else. So, I was forced to move myself 
and my kids in with family. 
There were too many vehicles in the house hold, and my vehicle was always
the one hanging out into the walkway...not quite into the street. 
Every day, I would get a special treat left in my truck. 
Some days it was dog poop, other days it was trash. Sometimes it was obscene words 
left scratched into my truck...a truck that I paid in full after saving for 
months. So it was time to do some surveillance.
It ended up being a little ol' lady who walked her dog past our house everyday. 
I guess the 5 extra steps it took to walk around the end of my truck must 
have been the most inconvenient thing on earth to her. 

So, we had a talk. I told her about my life, about the accident, about how I had lost
everything. I was doing 4 hours of rehab a day, plus trying to not get myself 
kicked out of school. (Which is a whole other story.)

Well the nice daily deliveries stopped. When she found out what I was 
dealing with, somehow those 5 extra steps around my truck 
were not too bad any longer. 

You really never know what someone is going through. 

Walk a mile in their shoes.

I know I took it egyptian, but what a cute night club dress!


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Walk like an Egyptian

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