Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Black and White....Featuring Stormcrow and Baubles! By Phe

Black and White...

The world is not black and white, or even various shades of grey. 
Life gets messy, and it's colorful. 
So, if you see black and white and feel that 
there is not shades in between then look again. 
I think you will see a splash of purple. 

So, be sexy, have fun, and look at things
in a way you haven't before.


Outfit comes with shirt, hot pants, slink shoes, bracelets and rings. 
Also comes with Phat Azz appliers. 

Outfit by Stormcrow in pink for 75L 

SummerBlossom jewelry by Baubles! by Phe for 100L
 GG hair 2013 Christmas by RONSEM*
group gift

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