Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sail on.....Featuring Ashmoot with Designer Circle

Laying on the bow of the ship, softly drifting in and out of sleep
as the motion of the waves carry me far away. 
The only sounds I hear are from neighboring boats as 
they zip by bouncing off the waves, the sounds of seagulls 
and the waves crashing on the shore.
The sun beats down, warming me from the outside in. 
Not ever the cold of the icy water stood a chance. 

Drift over to the Designer Circle and shop like 
you mean it!


Bikini comes with Lola appliers
SS Coll_SWear 01_Basic by AsHmOoT for  79L
 Acc Coll_Beach Bag_Bow in Red by AsHmOoT  69L
For slink Feet
SS Coll_Ribbon Sandal Heels by AsHmOoT for  99L
 Calm Hair by Magika

Medina Skirt in red by Pure Poison

Make it amazing....

Sail on.....

(Leave me alone, I like boy bands! lol)

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