Thursday, August 14, 2014 Victim....Designer Circle with Pink Cherry and Miss C.

Offisser Offisser
We got a ssseven sseventy ssssix
It'ssss an Emergensssy!
It'ssss a Homssidal, ssssuicccidal asssident. 
Ssssend and ambulensss
Thissss viccctim is locccated at 
ssseventh sssstreet and ssssouth ssssstate Sssstreet

Ok, ok, so I knew an offissser who had a lissssp...sssssue me!

Zipped Leather Dress in Pink and White by Pink Cherry
Designer Circle

Xenia Hair in Champagne by Miss C.
Designer Circle

Core Heels in Dark by A&CO for slink Mid feet

Sarit Jewelry in Ruby by FINESMITH

Bette makeup in Grey by Oceane

Ebony Lust Eye makeup by Glamorize

Slink Hands and Feet

Sssssoooo Sssssad! 
It'ssss the firssst Fasssshion Viccctim of the Sssseassson!
And btw, better hurry and get thissss one, 
the round is almossst up!


This is not intended to insult or otherwise
injure any party.
This post is dedicated to an amazing officer,
who kept us laughing at every turn.

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