Monday, August 18, 2014

Words to live by...Stealing, Lying and Cheating...Featuring Trend Fashion Fair with Enchanted Ink and Ruby Rose

Stealing, lying, cheating...

Words to live and love by...

If you must steal, steal my heart. If you must lie, lie in my arms.
If you must cheat, then cheat death so that I 
may enjoy your company longer. 

Be my criminal!!

Allure lingerie in Pink by RubyRose

Natural Shine lips in Passion 5 by Enchanted Ink

Destiny Eyelashes by Enchanted Ink

Singing Heart Jewelry by Chop Zuey
Group gift

Lace Cross Stockings By Aphrodisiac
Satureday Sale

Calm Hair in blonde by Magika

Make your day amazing! 
Love Jewel

Steal Your Heart

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