Sunday, September 21, 2014

If today was your last day....Featuring Penumbra's Autumn/Winter Fashion Week with Kelini and Jumo

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Shopping goes on for 3 more weeks


Caprice Dress by Kelini
PENUMBRA Fashion Week

Riyadh Heels in Red by Jumo
PENUMBRA Fashion Week

Salimah Jewelry in Red by Jumo
PENUMBRA Fashion Week

Steampunk Lady Makeup By LpD

Upshaw Hair by Tableu Vivant

 If you knew today was your last day...
what would you do with it? 

Would you say sorry to those that you offended? 
Would you give the forgiveness that you withheld? 

Would you be doing what it is that you are doing 
right now? 

You never know when those last moments will be. 
Make the most of what you have left. 

Make sure those love ones that you have don't have to live
without those words you never said. 
My favorite uncle left this life with
his last words to me being very mean and cutting. 
I get to live with that. 
What would you change? 

If today was your last day...

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