Monday, September 22, 2014

In the arms of an Angel....Featuring Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week with Dead Dollz

 Gray Matter Dress by Dead Dollz
PENUMBRA Fashion Week

Aries Wings by Pure Poison from Gatcha
Pure Poison

Kirin's Poem Jewelry by Finesmith
I can no longer find this available

Kat Hair by Hair Day
Hair Day

Plum Makeup Set by MUA your Makeup Addiction

 This blog goes out to my one of my oldest and dearest 
real life friends as she embarks on the 
hardest journey of her life. 
She is known by us all as the angel in the group
and she loves angels. 
Befittingly she is named as such. 

So today, may she be the one wrapped up in the arms 
of an angel
as she fights for her life. 

Chemo will not over come you girl, you will
over come it. 

And btw, FUCK you cancer!

My you find peace Anj, In the arms of an angel!
(and may he be goodlooking, lol)

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