Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wanted...Designers Circle Featuring B-DaZZled, Baboom, StormCrow

This goes out to my crush...
He doesn't know I exist, 
But, I wish he knew that he is wanted. 

Sometimes, you just gotta wrap your arms 
around those that you love, 
let them know...
Just how waned they really are. 

Then when times get tough, 
you gotta remember what made you 
want them to feel wanted, and make them feel 
it again. 

Jungle Me Jane in black by {B-DaZZled}
Designer Circle

Mesh Clutch in Red by Baboom
(pssst, the pose is with the clutch)
Designer Circle

Xena Jewels by Baboom
Designer Circle

High Heel Pumps in Black by StormCrow
Designer Circle

21 hours hair in Natural 2 by MOON{Hair}

Lart Mesh Earring in Red by
No longer available

Nice Ice Eyeshadow No.05 by Glamorize

Sweet Dolly lipstick in Cherry Dolly by Nemezi
Past Trend Fashion Fair

Sigh, yea the boy is wanted!!

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