Tuesday, September 30, 2014

She's like the wind...Featuring Penumbra with *Living Imagination*


Break it on down: 

Colour Waves in Rose by *Living Imagination*
PENUMBRA Fashion Week

Infinity hair by [Bizarre Hair]
includes hair jewelry and earrings
No longer available

Rose Chain Necklace in Bronze Purple by [The Forge]
Past Gotcha

Tickle lipstick by Glamorize

Whimsical makeup by Madrid Solo
Madrid Solo

Time is so fleeting, we never know how long we will be here. 
But one thing I do know is that 
each person we come into contact with...
we leave a footprint on their heart. 

What type of impression will you leave, how will people see you? 
Will you trod over people and leave damage or will 
you leave gentle steps taking great care to leave 
such a loving print that you 
will be forever treasured? 

I know there are some out there that enjoy causing pain and mayhem. 
But that is what they gain in return. 
Be careful that every trace you leave of yourself
is carefully placed and leaves the 
impression you want 
people to remember you by.

She's like the wind...

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