Thursday, October 16, 2014

Miss Virtual World 2nd Photo Challenge "My Favorite Movie Of All Time"

Miss Virtual World 2015 Second Runway Challenge


Once upon a time there lived a young girl who loved her father very much.
My inspiration is Danielle from my all time favorite movie Ever After, A Cinderella Story.
 Not long after marrying, her father passes away leaving Danielle 
with a step mother and two step sisters. 
She is called Cinderella by her step sister for reading by the cinder and ash of the fire. 
 By chance the Prince tries to evade an arranged marriage, steals Danielle's father's horse, 
and meets Micheal Angelo on the highway. 
Setting off a chain of events of no return. 
Danielle goes to court to free one of the servants, meets the prince and a romance ensues. 
The only problem is that the step sister has her sights on the Prince. 
When the step mother becomes aware of what the little Cinder girl is up to, 
she is locked in the cellar and away from the ball.
Micheal Angelo saves the day and sets her free.

"A bird may love a fish Senior, but where would they live?" Danielle asks Angelo.
"Then I shall make you wings." He replies.

So he builds her a costume from her mothers wedding dress to wear to the ball,
 to tell the Prince the truth about her social standing.

Breath, just Breath, she utters to herself as she stands at the castle walls. 
Waiting for the prince to recognize her.

When the Prince learns who she is, he turns her away, she flees in tears. 
Immediately following she is sold into slavery to an unsavory man. 
She stands up to him and demands her freedom. 
Just in time for the Prince to come to her rescue.

The reason this is my favorite movie is simple;
Although she loses her mother, then her father and is forced to be a servant to her step mother, 
she never loses her fight. She works hard to keep the land that her step mother is bound to loose. When she loses the prince she still has inner strength enough to stand on her own
 and demand her own freedom. 
She did not need anyone to rescue her, 
which made her perfect to be a princess. 
The Prince comes back after all to wed her and create a happily ever after.

Elegant Lipstick in Electric Red by Pink Acid

Lash Out Glow in Red and Silver by Madrid Solo

Glitter Body Lotion by  CottonCANDYmonsteR

Wings from Angel Beauty Princess Outfit by **Dirty Princess**

Winter Dancer Sleeves by *SoliDea FoliEs* 

Carmine Bodice and Skirt by Huntress Couture

Fran Flowers by Zibska

Estra Hair in Hazelnut by Amacci

Melancholy Chest  lace in light By DRD 
I got these at the secret affair, but here is DRD LM

La Traviata Red and White Jewelry comes with complete outfit by Chop Zuey

Hela Pearl Eyebrows by .Luminary.
Past Event

Slink elegant hands

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