Saturday, November 8, 2014

5th MVW Runway Challenge - Vampiress meets High Fashion

5th MVW Runway Challenge - Vampiress meets High Fashion 

Jewel has chosen the Victorian Vampiress, representing forbidden sexuality, 
coercion and eternal life (or damnation.)
One glance into her eyes and you will be compelled to dance, 
whisked away in romance and end up as her dinner date. 

She is wrapped in an evanescence of darkness, fueled by the pain of her loss. 
She carries the still beating heart of her lover, cut from his chest by murder driven villagers, illuminating the way to her revenge.

She has cloaked herself as a protection against the deadly rays of the sun 
and to conceal her identity until she wishes to make herself known. 
No one is safe with this deadly beauty ruling the night. 
Beware that she doesn't suck the life out of you!


 Designers include:

Hunger Red Gossamer Dress by Sascha's Design

Black Satin Skirt from Mercy On Me by Bourdoir

Spooky Chic Hood by Peqe

Gloves for slink hands by Gatherings

Glove Cuffs by Heth Haute Couture

Amphibian I Eyes by ~*By Snow*~

Candy Apple Lipcolor by Hush

Liner by Avoki

Seductive eyeshadow in black  by Topazia

Dark Red spray Makeup by Damed

Realistic Vampire fangs by Cain

Bat Buddy! by Epic

Dark Zone Jewelry by WTG

Kim hair in blonde by Action Hair

Heart Lantern by Yellow Jester

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