Thursday, November 20, 2014

6th Runway Challenge with Miss Virtual World "BODYART"

There is a magic of change in the autumn air, the wind swirls through the cherry blossom trees that wrap around Jewel's body, carrying petals and sweet fragrance everywhere.

Beyond the rustling falling leaves is the alluring geisha, educated from youth to serve, entertain and become art itself. Sit back and relax as she entertains you.

She envelopes the very essence of artistic nature and passion, she is alluring and provocative.  It leaves you wondering if it is her that is caught up in the magic, or is it you?

Designer's Include:

Cherry Blossom Pettles by RunoRuno

Blossom Tree Tattoo by B*FLY

Ebony Lust Eye Makeup by Glamorize

Mamidala hairsticks in Midnight Sakura by Devious Minds

Diamond Makeup by Vogue

Highland Ribbon Necklace by Junbug

Moondchild animated butterfly by Enfant Terrible

Eclair  hair in black coal by Amacci

Estelita black heels by Azoury

Roxanne chest Jewelry by Finesmith

Le Brooch Derriere Diamond by Chop Zuey

Myth-S Bangles by WTG

Slink Cherry Blossom Nails by [Ten]

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