Saturday, November 1, 2014

Catch the train...featuring Designer Circle with StormCrow Design's and WoW Skins

Sometimes I just wanna be one of those people
who defy gravity, who run everywhere they go. 
You know...the ones who Parkour from roof
top to roof top? Yea...I wanna be like that. 

So, next time you gotta catch the train, 
do it parkour style.

 Zelda outfit by StormCrow Design's
Designer Circle

Poison Tan Skin by WoW Skins
Designer Circle

Bette choco makeup by Oceane

Tricia Hair in brown by Elua

Kathleen Headpiece in white by {SH}
Event item

Prestige Boots in black leather by BAX

Ellie Earrings by Bens Beauty

Catch the train

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