Saturday, November 1, 2014

Miss Virtual World 2015 Prism Challenge


When Jewel's parents first brought her home, they thought for sure they had given birth to a fish. She took to water like a bird takes to flight. She came equipped with a larger than life personality and is known to go totally overboard, pun intended. This girl may swim with the fishes, but you will never find her belly up!

Jewel rides in on the Silver Great Wave headpiece littered with tumbling ocean shells by Alegria. The colors of the waves peak under the headpiece in adorning curls by paperbag, spilling down across her face exquisitely painted by Madrid solo.

Sparkling jewelry add refinement and beauty supplied by Jumo. The coral reef itself dances across her chest and sweeps down to her hips in a rainbow of color from Boudoir. Yellow fins, crafted by Tideborns, bring the fish inside of Jewel ablaze.

Blue and gold nails match the wave of color set to life by ZOZ.  Fascino made these sexy and alluring spiked heels that will catch the attention of any merman swimming by. The sparkles in the dress, by Prism Designs catches the sparkles in Jewel's eyes and it radiates out in a wave of sparkles by Deeplight Designs. Bubbles by NeCo dance with the sparkles completing this aquatic look.

List of Designers:

Uli Dress in Dawn Sparkle by Prism Design
Dress for MVW event
Prism Design

Twigs Hairbase in purple by Paperbag
Event Special

Show Designs- Metropolis Full Set by Madrid Solo
Madrid Solo

Azaria Love Gold Nail polish by ZOZ

Abyssal Landwalker fins by Tideborns

Maneater Spiked Yellow Heels for slink High Feet by Fascino

Orient Bright Diamond Jewelry by Jumo
Event Special

Silver Great Wave headpiece by ALEGRIA

Coral reef Mermaid chest part and hip fin by Boudoir

Heart bubbles from Seaweed Mermaid Princess by NeCo

Celestine Lumous Star Twinkler by DEEPLIGHT designs

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