Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thunderstruck....Featuring Bohemian Gypsy's Eve

And the world was thunderstruck!

The original sin...when Eve bite the apple 
and gave us hardship and pain, 
the ability to procreate and listened to the snake. 

Since then, woman have listened to snakes for generations. 
I have danced with my fair share of snakes, bitten my 
fair share of apples and have done my fair share of procreating...

oh Eve.

Eve's Apple outfit from the Boho Collectoin by Bohemian Gypsy
Includes dress, tights and non slink shoes
Bohemian Gypsy

*: Lo*momo :*  Hair Groupgift

Hotshot lips in Red by Glamorize

Ebony Lust eyeliner by Glamorize

Hebiwa snake in brown by G.O.C.

Gold earrings by Galaxy (christmas gifts)
past event

Mesh Mask Designs Filgree black by Madrid Solo
Madrid Solo

Silver Bracelet by Marquess (christmas gift)
past event

Diamonds Apple Clutch by Pure Poison

Get thunderstruck!


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