Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Angel....Featuring AFI at Sneak Peek

Merry Christmas to all those who have angels in heaven. 
For those how have someone watching over you from 
beyond this world, who you hope someday to see again. 

May you feel the warmth from their thoughts, from the 
good times you spent with them and from their never ending love. 

There are angels. 

Charmant Gown by AFI Designs
Includes Wings and Bangles

The Boho Cutlure Fair Lips in gold by [XCW] Cosmetics

Eyeshadow Mystery in soft by MONS

Freya hair in blonde by Calico

Lady Flora Crown Hunt Gift by NSP Floral
Available in other colors

May you feel your angel on this blessed day!

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