Monday, December 8, 2014

Miss Virtual World National Costume Competition

Miss Virtual World National Costume Competition

Long ago a woman appeared wearing white buffalo skin, carrying a pipe and explained that the symbolization; the wood to that of the trees and earth, the red bowl to the flesh and blood of mankind and the smoke was the breath of their prayers to Tanka, or God. The buffalo had four energies--the black, white, yellow, and red--but held a deeper message: There is only one race, the human race, and we must join together in peace.

In tribal custom, white feathers symbolize purity and healing. The Eagle is sacred and means deep respect. With those attributes I chose to depict the woman, in buffalo skins, performing a medicine dance to heal the earth and its people.
A special thanks to Zzoie Zee and Trouble Memphis Dethly from Zanzie!

Designers Include:

Beaded Top in Brown by Zanze

Harvest Moon Fur Skirt by May's Soul

Lines and Dots by Lovely Disarray

The Officer War Face Paint by Bad Unicorn

Bang! Bang! Hair by *Milk*

Wings and Feathers by DeviousMinds

Heavens Gate Headpiece from EMO-tions

Yakushi white necklace by MANDALA

Atiriya Stone jewelry by Zaara

Bald Eagle by Manticore

Authentic Dance

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