Friday, December 12, 2014

Summer....Featuring Zanze and Designer Circle with Sky

This blog is dedicated to all my friends who get to spend the 
holiday season in the summer. Who live on the other side of the world from 
me, who have never seen the snow. 

Summer is fabulous no matter what time of year it falls. 
I forget sometimes that it is summer somewhere else while it is cold in my 
corner of the world. 

So here is to summer, whenever it hits your world. 

Merry Christmas to all, no matter where you live.

Designers Include:

Corazon Dress in Blue by Zanze
Mysterious Lipstick in Earthy by L'A
Punk Sophisticate Slink High shoes by Sky
Designer Circle
Dancing Horses Hair by Exile
Past event
Happiness! necklace by Finesmith
New Years gift
Fashion Handbag by Swallow
Catalina Bracelets and Rings by Modern.Couture
Modern Couture


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