Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fallen Angel...Featuring Sneak Peek with Glitter and Jumo

Today I am a fallen angel...even angel's need an angel sometimes.
Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I am true from inside out. 
But today, I have fallen. 

A true friend is an Angel sent by God.
A true friend stands by your side through the bad as well as the good.
And loves you when you don't even love yourself.

So this blog is dedicated to the angel's in my life 
who are making a fall bearable.

Dea Gown by Glitter
Sneak Peek

Faubourg Diamond Jewelry by JUMO
Sneak Peek

Tribute Wings by JUMO
From the Hunger Games Event

Royal Command Hair and crown by Exile

Liners with Subtil Lashes by Death Row
Lucky Chair score

Tickle Lips in Cherries Jubilee by Glamorize

Fairy Copper Face Tattoo by White~Widow

Fallen Angel

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