Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sheep in wolves clothes....Featuring Ghee at Sneak Peek and ILLI at WEIB

"My what big teeth you have!"

It seems that I am always falling for the wolf in sheep's clothing. 
They look so sweet, they talk a big talk, but when it 
comes right down to it...
at the end of the day, I am a meal for them.

Time to turn the tables...seems this sheep needs to be fitted for a wolf skin. 


Lemon Rose Puffball Frock Dress by Ghee

Amarissa Shoes for slink high feet by ILLI

Tickle Lips in Naked by Glamorize

Ebony Lust Eye Makeup 3 by Glamorize

Rainbow eyeshadow in 001 by KoKoLoReS

Kaleidoscope choker in gold by WTG

SweetDreams hair by Spellbound
From the Arcade Gatcha's
But here is a link to a few on MP

Sheep in wolves clothes....

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